Submit your art for cash!

Do you have a art work, and would you like to have some money for it?

You can keep your artwork at home, you will only have to send it when it is actually sold. When someone bought your artwork, you will first receive 50% of the money on your bank account along with a unique code. After confirmation from the buyer with the unique code and his artwork,  you will receive the other 50% of your money.

Submit your artwork by contacting us with information about your work and the price you wish to have for it, and we will put it on our specially designed Art For Sale section. When your work is sold, you will receive your pay out directly (depending on your bank)


  • Only high resolution pictures
  • Photo must be taken with only the artwork visible. All other photos will be declined.
  • You will update you by e-mail for the status of your artwork.
  • When you sold your artwork, you will receive 50% of your price along with a unique code. It is your responsibility to send the artwork to the buyer, along with the unique code. After the buyer confirmed the arrival of your artwork by using the unique code, you will receive the other 50% of your price.
  • Swing Boutique holds the right to remove artwork that is not sold yet.

Fill in this form correctly. Use your real name and e-mail adres. This is necessary to update you with the status of your artwork.

upload your photo at:

Upload your photo and send us your link in the message. example:

You can also give us additional information about your art work here. (which tools did you use, the size etc.) This will appear next to your artwork.

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